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      2. About the fresh air system: some problems needing attention for the new fan on the ceiling

        1. What is the installation process of the fresh air system? How to coordinate central air conditioning and decoration?

        A. After the host machine arrives at the site, conduct A power test on the ground to ensure that the machine is in good condition when entering the site.

        B. The intake time of the new fan shall be appropriate to the intake time of the power station. The control line of the new fan needs to be grooved and inserted. The work can be done with the help of a hydro-electric engineer. Also, pay attention to the power supply of the host.

        C. Use boom and expansion bolts to lift the main engine to the specified position. Erect, flat and stable, and shock absorption measures should be taken according to site requirements. In the residential decoration stage, if the central air conditioning and fresh air on the suspended ceiling are installed at the same time, it is necessary to plan the installation location of the equipment, their respective pipes and tubes in the early stage to avoid the crossing of pipes. It is recommended that fresh air ducts be installed before air conditioning ducts are installed.

        D. Communicate with the staff of air conditioning, water and electricity pipelines and other facilities to determine whether the on-site pipeline is unimpeded and whether the location of the pipeline affects other facilities, and fine-tune the design scheme according to the site conditions. Communicate ceiling height to determine elevation of installed piping. Refer to the pipe layout rules of public construction projects: electric pipe discharge pipe, pressure pipe discharge pipe, water pipe discharge pipe, small pipe discharge pipe. Because the size and cross-sectional area of the new fan duct is much larger than that of the water pipe and copper pipe, the fan duct is usually used in cross construction.

        E. Design and install the piping system according to fine tuning. A crane shall be set for each 150cm hard pipe, and the pipe shall be horizontal and vertical. A crane shall be installed every 70cm in the area with hoses in the pipeline.

        F. After installation of equipment and pipes, the size and installation position of tuyere should be coordinated, and the loader should set tuyere well when finishing the suspended ceiling; The lower tuyere nozzle is flush with the ceiling and the side tuyere is flush with the wall. Install tuyere directly without cutting pipe orifice after installation. A portion of the hose may be retained at the end of the duct for later adjustment of the tuyere position.

        G. After the overall decoration of the area, install the tuyere and control panel for equipment debugging.

        2. Where is the new fan main machine installed? What should I pay attention to?

        It is recommended to install in bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other areas. The main considerations are as follows:

        Whether there is enough space in the host installation area;

        (2) Whether it is easy to maintain and avoid entering and leaving water pipes and wire pipes;

        (3) When the new fan exhaust as far as possible away from the range hood (or exhaust fan, etc.) exhaust port, to avoid air cross pollution;

        A safe distance should be kept between the inlet and outlet of the new fan. The recommended distance is not less than 3 times of the diameter of the pipe;

        (5) After determining the location of the main engine, whether the layout of the entire pipeline is reasonable, whether a part of the branch pipeline is passing through long and other adverse conditions.

        3. What effect will installing a new fan have on the height? How to solve?

        Fan pipes in new residential buildings are generally arranged around the room, so the ceiling in the later period can only be partially suspended around the room, without affecting the height of the large area in the middle. A fresh air unit is an air conditioning unit that provides fresh air. The working principle is that the fresh air extracted from the outside is sent into the room by the fan after the treatment of dust removal, dehumidification (or humidification), cooling (or heating) and so on, and the original indoor air is replaced when entering the room

        Take an ordinary apartment as an example. The height of the original building fluctuates around 2.7 meters, while the thickness of the beams fluctuates around 250 meters. Take the fresh air main engine with 350 air volume as an example. DN160 is the best choice for PVC main pipe. Assuming that the top of the pipe is installed and lifted, the elevation at the bottom of the pipe is 2.54m(2.7-0.16). If the beam is perforated when laid out, even if the PVC pipe is 110 in diameter, the diameter of the hole is half of the thickness of the beam, which is not allowed from the point of view of structural safety.

        Therefore, it is recommended to choose the lower pipe of the beam or use the lintel. After the lower pipe of the beam, the bottom elevation of this section of pipe is 2.34 m (2.7-0.25-0.11). The thickness of smallpox was calculated later, and the actual height was about 2.3m. The use of lintels can reduce the impact on the height, but it will cause the problem of excessive local resistance. In addition, THE PE pipe now has a great advantage in installation. The main machine is divided into 75 or 63 extensions through the extension box. Can cut a hole in beam commonly, the effect to ceiling is lesser so.

        4. How to arrange pipes effectively? How are beams and load-bearing walls handled?

        It is recommended to send air to each room and return it centrally. Conditional also can send inside each room once, when this kind of circumstance, supply air and return air mouth adopt diagonal arrangement as far as possible, in order to avoid supply air short circuit.

        From a structural safety point of view, we should make sure that the diameter of the hole is less than one third of the thickness of the beam, that is to say, the beam is 250, more than 80 holes can be opened, we need to use a metal detector when drilling to avoid hitting the reinforcement. So what do we do when we actually come across a lintel?

        (1) the machine selects the main pipeline static pressure box using parallel branches, in short, the original 160 main line can be converted into multiple 75 through branch pipes, and then all the way to 75 years per pipe in each area (above basic civil building beam wait 250,75 pipes can ensure safety leak beam).

        (2) Without using a branch, the diameter of the pipe is 160 -- 110 -- 75160 and 110 and when the pipe passes through the beam, it can't be safely opened, so you can choose Linde and sacrifice a certain amount of air to make sure the system is safe.

        5. What measures can be taken during installation to reduce noise during future use?

        The noise after installation mainly comes from three aspects: the sound of the machine running, the air volume of the air duct and the air volume of the air outlet. The latter two are mainly related to installation and operation.

        Take 350, for example. When the main road is 160, the main wind speed is 4.84 m/s. When the main pipeline is selected to be 110, the main wind speed is 10.24m /s, which obviously exceeds the requirements of building ventilation design code. Compared with fresh air units, air conditioning units are more complicated in air handling. Therefore, air conditioning units are mostly used in large public areas where fAN-coil units cannot be installed, while fresh air units are mostly used in small areas where fan-coil units can be installed. Therefore, the best choice for a conventional pipe with a volume of 350 is the main pipe 160 and the branch pipe 110. If the height is high enough, the supervisor USES 200, which is better for resistance and noise control.

        The main cause of tuyere noise is improper selection of connecting hoses and tuyere. The hose connected at the end shall be secured with a tether to prevent the vibration sound caused by the supply air. A fresh air unit is an air conditioning unit that provides fresh air. The working principle is that the fresh air extracted from the outside is sent into the room by the fan after the treatment of dust removal, dehumidification (or humidification), cooling (or heating) and so on, and the original indoor air is replaced when entering the room.

        6. How to avoid air loss caused by installation?

        Any installation will cause some air loss, but some common mistakes should be avoided, such as choosing the right pipe diameter, replacing the 90-degree straight elbow with two 45-degree elbows, replacing the straight tee with a diagonal tee, and replacing the direct head with a gradient converter.

        About the fresh air system: some problems needing attention for the new fan on the ceiling(圖1)

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